internal_controls_bookAt Yeo & Yeo, we believe an internal controls study is the ideal vehicle to propel a business, medical practice, nonprofit organization or institution toward compliance, efficiency, profitability and peace of mind, while steering it away from disorganization, waste and, most damaging of all, fraud.

Our new e-book, An Internal Controls Study – Your Key to Maximizing Efficiency and Safeguarding Against Fraud and Waste, is designed to explain internal controls studies in detail—what they are; what they involve; what they deliver; and how they can help your organization. It also highlights the significant benefits of truly experienced internal controls study providers; and it offers recommendations for selecting the right provider, if you choose to outsource this vital function.

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If you’d like to learn more about our internal controls study services and the approach we could recommend for your organization, please contact us for a free initial consultation. You can also learn more about Yeo & Yeo and our internal controls services by viewing our internal control information sheet.